What’s this all about?


About us

who is us?


About me

who is me?


About face

to turn around, definition, save face, put on a face, face the world, face the music, face off, faces and phases and masks and masques and faces that are masks and masks that become your face and how pop culture is the way we explore the world and create the world and politics is what meaning we make of all the whistles and bells

… always the questions: whom does it serve, whom does it harm and what is our role in resisting or assisting?


About town

blogger-about-town, G.L. Morrison, can often be found engaging in the physical world. Although seldom anywhere without wi-fi. She can be found in constant struggle and conversation  (Yes, Virginia, the revolution will be televised! So much so that they are trying to make laws to keep us for showing what they are doing.) Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Well, if she’s visiting G.L. that would put her somewhere near Portland, Oregon or along the Pacific NW and yes we have a mailing address but G.L. is found of replying

to the question: “where do you live?”

with the answer: “in little nests along I-5.”

A woman of many hats and almost as many lovers, it seems best (best here is defined as most desirable and most successful) to keep a little “home” (a drawer, a suitcase, books or DVDs, or a fortune in sex toys) in each of the best beloveds’ houses.


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