Marriage Equality vs Domestic Partnerships? If the Supreme Court would like to downgrade “marriage” to a religious ritual with no legal standing and all couples (or families) who shared assets or children (or the intention of the same) could step up and register as civil partnerships, I’d be totally down with that. But as that doesn’t seem to be on the menu, I’ll order a side dish of equal citizenship. And a round for the house.


How long have you’ve been waiting to hear those words?

Well Edie Windsor has waited over 40 years with her romantic partner in order to say those words in Toronto in 2007. They both lived in New York, which before legalizing same-sex marriage last year, did recognize such unions to be legal if they were performed out of state.

However, the federal government does not recognize those same-sex partners as legally wed; and when Windsor’s partner died in 2009, she was required to pay inheritance taxes of over $300,000.

On the other hand, Britney Spears married childhood friend Jason Alexander in 2004 and annuled it in 55 hours (which is still the shortest marriage in history, I believe?); barely 10 years later, she has separated twice and has been engaged maybe 3 or 4 times.

So the Supreme Court (#SCOTUS) is supposed to be considering the arguments for same sex…

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