I Love You Phillip Morris: The Craziest “Based On A True Story” Film Ever

Just watched this. I would have been more inspired if I had believed it was as asserted, a true story. The class conflicts that make an anti-hero con man who can’t resist stealing from over-consuming bigots, corporations and insurance companies would be more telling, if Steven didn’t just emulate them. The ridiculousness of his lover, Phillip Morris, being imprisoned for “theft of service” ie keeping a rental car too long and then mistakenly assumed to his lover’s accomplice is a subtle indictment on the Texas justice system. Too subtle in the face of over the top comedy.

The Password is Swordfish

When I see that a film is based on a true story, I usually take it with a grain of salt. After seeing I Love You Phillip Morris, the new film by the writers of Bad Santa, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, I immediately went to do further research, because surely this story must be wildly exaggerated. It’s amazing to think, but this film actually doesn’t exaggerate the truth at all, and that’s what makes it seem all the wilder. If any story in modern history deserved cinematic treatment, this did. It’s not a very marketable film, a comedy dealing heavily with homosexuality and criminal behavior, but thank the Lord it was made. The first time directors and big name stars do a good job bringing it to life, but really, this isn’t a must-see for its cinematic achievement. It’s simply an amazing story, one that needs to be seen…

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Infamous Comic Code Authority dies; first mainstream transgender comic character is born



batgirl443THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Little did I know of course, while growing up, that the comic books I read off the shelves of supermarkets were cleansed in order to mold young minds into believing the world was clearly divided into two easily identified groups — good vs evil, us vs them — this difference was made clear as back and white. There were no shades of grey, never mind different colors of the rainbow. We were being programmed to be good little Republicans.

But there was also confusion — underground comics existed — far more cooler and fun to read — yet they were taboo and hard to come by. Tired of squeaky clean Archies, my interest in comics simply faded away (until Bloom County, but that’s another story).

The culprit behind this? The Comics Code Authority — an entity somewhat similar to Hollywood’s Production Code which censored films…

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The Madwoman with a Laptop

I caught a glimpse of Edith Windsor, the plaintiff in United States v. Windsor, on the steps of the Supreme Court on Wednesday, moments after oral arguments in her challenge to the odious Defense of Marriage Act were concluded. I even managed to get a picture of the spunky 83-year-old, but it is awful. She is gingerly making her way down the courthouse stairs, supported on each side by a younger woman. She is looking down, and her face is almost entirely covered by her impossibly thick mane of blondish hair. You can see the hot pink scarf she wore for her day in court as well as the diamond brooch that her late wife, Thea Spyer, gave her in lieu of an engagement ring in 1967 (because the two knew that a ring would engender curiosity among Windsor’s co-workers at IBM). Still, my picture, hastily shot from…

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Marriage Equality vs Domestic Partnerships? If the Supreme Court would like to downgrade “marriage” to a religious ritual with no legal standing and all couples (or families) who shared assets or children (or the intention of the same) could step up and register as civil partnerships, I’d be totally down with that. But as that doesn’t seem to be on the menu, I’ll order a side dish of equal citizenship. And a round for the house.


How long have you’ve been waiting to hear those words?

Well Edie Windsor has waited over 40 years with her romantic partner in order to say those words in Toronto in 2007. They both lived in New York, which before legalizing same-sex marriage last year, did recognize such unions to be legal if they were performed out of state.

However, the federal government does not recognize those same-sex partners as legally wed; and when Windsor’s partner died in 2009, she was required to pay inheritance taxes of over $300,000.

On the other hand, Britney Spears married childhood friend Jason Alexander in 2004 and annuled it in 55 hours (which is still the shortest marriage in history, I believe?); barely 10 years later, she has separated twice and has been engaged maybe 3 or 4 times.

So the Supreme Court (#SCOTUS) is supposed to be considering the arguments for same sex…

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