Countdown to doom: the zombie apocalypse resistance


resist the zombie apocalypse… not the zombie olympics… consumers are robots and zombies in the shopping mall (ala george romero orwell). Actually this reminds me of a brilliant little lecture I heard from a world socialism conference on zombies as the working class (working slaves, resurrected from the grave to work some more) and vampires as the ruling class, decadent exploitative aristocracy parasites living on the blood of peasants and sucking victims dry and discarding dessicated corpses in their wake. What then is the “sexual allure”, the vampire thrall that calls young virgins to walk to the cliff’s edge into the cold dead arms of their corporate masters… three bites and you could become infected with the capitalist disease. This is the blood-poisoning madness that convinces the working poor that they are just temporarily embarrassed millionaires, just a lucky break or lottery ticket away from the big time. But Count D’s thralls and underlings never inherit his powers or his fortune, they’re ravening monsters who tear their former loved ones limb from bloody limb because they haven’t learned how to feed/kill/ manage bloodlessly. These petty bougies will be on the front line of the massacre when the torchbearing villagers (Occupy Village/revolution/vigilantee mob/etc) arrive to torch the place. Or kill the vampire vermin and take up residence, take over. (Occupy Castle.) For some reason the villagers forget to check the basement and they go back to their homes and the truly entrenched 1% vampires wait, drink rats when they have to… because they know that the current “awake” generation will forget soon enough, or will grow old, and their daughters will be tired of day labors and collective daycares and some of them will wander off and dream of becoming a Countess rather than going to College. And then the dark lords rise (who never truly fell) and so it goes.

So revolutionaries, remember LOOK IN THE BASEMENT and then tear the place stone from stone.




2 comments on “Countdown to doom: the zombie apocalypse resistance

  1. OK, vampires, zombies, but where do werewolves fit in? Maybe they’re the apolitical party animals who never bother to vote.

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